I read an article recently by the wonderful Kathy Lette, about renting Bridesmaids.  Yes – renting Bridesmaids!  Apparently a cheeky new website has been developed offering well-behaved women for you to hire for your special day.

Evidently, it is quite common for Bridesmaids in particular, to cause stress and angst for the Bride.  What???  Is this not her very, special day?  Did she not choose her Bridesmaids to be her support?

The difficultly arises when Bridesmaids themselves don’t get along.  Or one of the Bridesmaids is a particularly controlling/dominant personality and tries to take over (read hijack!) the proceedings.

Firstly, it is an honour to be asked to be an attendant at a wedding.  All of you who have been asked need to keep that uppermost in your mind.  You may not like the colour/shoes/ceremony chosen by the Bride and Groom, but that’s not your decision.  When you sign up to be a Bridesmaid, you sign up to support your friend, not contradict her.

Secondly, when accepting to be a Bridesmaid, you have to decide if your dislike of any of the other Bridesmaids is stronger than your love for the Bride.  If it is, gracefully decline.  If your love is stronger than zip it!  Put aside your differences.  Bite back sarcasm.  Leave bitchiness and backstabbing at home.  If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.  Uppermost in your mind?  This should be the happiest day of the Bride’s life.  I am an attendant.  It is my job to attend.  I will make this as easy as possible for her.

And Brides?  Well, if you have a friend you love, but who tends to take over when you go out, think twice about asking her to be your Bridesmaid.  Which may mean you can’t ask any of your other friends.  It may be better to state you have made the decision to have family-only attendants, such as future sisters-in-law.

But renting a Bridesmaid?  No – have no attendants rather then wasting your money doing that!  It is not unusual for couples to decide not to have any attendants.  Especially if they have children.  Their children become the Wedding Party.  Perfect!