I’m back!  Wow, after a crazy few months of moving (three times in a month!!!) I finally feel like I can settle back to work.  On the weekend I conducted a wedding ceremony in the dark.  Yes – the dark!!  It was a more unusual ceremony, pagan in its roots.  We stood outside in the bush.  It was cold, but the sweet, fresh smell of the eucalyptus trees and clear, fresh air more than made up for that.  We were surrounded by small flames lit by the groom.  I held a little itty-bitty light so I could read the ceremony!

Asatru is a belief which is Icelandic and Germanic in its roots.  It is a tradition harmonious with nature.  It encompasses a moral code of conduct called the Nine Noble Virtues.  These are Courage, Truth, Honour, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-Reliance and Perseverance.  Asatru honours the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire.  There was not really a more perfect place to hold such a ceremony than the Otway National Forest.  At night.  Lit by candles.

Have you ever considered an evening wedding?  I can tell you that the atmosphere is totally different to a daytime ceremony.  There is something amazing about it.  And standing there, in that candlelight, revering Mother Earth, it felt to me like it was just the three of us participating in something sacred and special.  One definitely to remember!