Just sitting here on this wet, Melbourne Monday and thinking about the upcoming ceremonies I have outside.

Unfortunately, it is the climate of Melbourne that we do often have four seasons in one day!  I know that many of my clients have their heart set on an outside ceremony and everything is geared up to that end.  Sometimes, it just can’t be.

I know that many of my wedding couples think that they don’t care if they have to walk down the aisle under umbrellas.  Or that we can stand under umbrellas for vows.  But they are forgetting that a wedding is not just the bridal party and celebrant.  It is also the guests.  It is too much to ask for guests to sit or stand under umbrellas throughout a whole wedding ceremony – especially if they are elderly.  Often the wind will blow the rain up and under the umbrellas.  The last thing you want is for your guests to just ‘wish the ceremony away’ because they are cold and uncomfortable.  Your guests have made the effort to dress up and want to be there to hear you exchange your vows or listen to Godparents/Mentors make their pledges.  You don’t want them hoping it was just ‘over with’!

There is also the issue of the PA system.  This cannot be in the rain.  The legal documents for signing.  Obviously, the signing table cannot be in the rain.

So, it is very important to have that back-up plan.  Wedding venues always have rooms for such occasions.  Think about marquees – they can be hired or purchased, although there is no protection from the wind.  But if you are organised, you can ask people to bring blankets so at the very least your guests are warm!

Keep your eyes on the weather forecast leading up to the ceremony.  Sure, that forecast can change overnight, but generally, if it says three days out it will be wet – it will.  Or, at the very least, it may be on/off showers.  Showers can still be a problem because the ceremony may have to be interrupted to move inside – a real shame for the flow of your story.

No need to be disappointed if your dream of the beach or garden becomes an inside room instead.  The room can be made beautiful.  You can decorate with shells and flowers.  Candles stay alight.  Guests will be warm and comfortable and so very glad to be totally present.  The ceremony will still be amazing!

And, if the ceremony is a wedding, you can still get some fun photos outside with the wedding party and pretty umbrellas!!: