Eternal Flame Ceremonies cares about one thing only; your ceremony, your way. Whatever the occasion, I will help you shape your event and find the words to accompany it. Located in Yarraville, I am very familiar with the local facilities, parks and gardens across the western and northern suburbs. However, I am not limited to these specific areas and do perform ceremonies across all of Melbourne and surrounding rural areas.


Ceremonies are only limited by your imagination. There are House Dedications, Pregnancy Blessings, Step-family Acceptance Ceremonies, Divorce Ceremonies and Pet Funerals. There are milestone Birthday Ceremonies. You may wish to include spirituality or religion, or have neither. I am open and happy to discuss any thoughts or ideas you may have.


Your wedding ceremony should be a creation all your own. It would be my privilege to help you design a ceremony as unique and unforgettable as possible. From the more traditional, to Celtic handfasting. Or perhaps a themed wedding such as medieval or even Star Wars! The only limit is your imagination. You might include the lighting of candles, the pouring of sand, or rock or seashell rituals. If you come from different religious backgrounds, we can incorporate traditions from each. You may have cherished symbols from your cultural heritage that we can bring in. Guests can also be involved. Or you may just want pure simplicity. It’s a special day, so let’s make it memorable!



A traditional baptism isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean you need go without a moving, memorable ceremony to officially welcome your precious child into the world and community. Godparents, or mentors, can play a larger role than usual. Together we’ll craft readings that allow them to speak from the heart in a genuine, meaningful way. Grandparents, too, can be much more involved. And guests can participate in many ways, such as the lighting of name giving candles. Together, we can create the most beautiful ceremony—one your family and friends will never forget.


Commitment ceremony

Perhaps you do not want to get married. Maybe the law does not yet allow you to get married. Neither, however, should prevent you from expressing your commitment to one another before loved ones, and I would be delighted to help create a fitting and memorable ceremony. We can include handfasting, candles, rock, sand or seashells in your commitment ceremony. Guests can participate in many ways. Like weddings, we can make it theme-based. You know how you feel about each other, and I’ll do all I can to help convey those feelings between you and to those close to you.


Renewal of vows

It may have been one year since you were married. It could be thirty years. The time may just feel right to recommit to one another. Perhaps your wedding ceremony was taken out of your hands and this time, you want to do things your way. Whatever the reason, I can help you create a renewal of vows ceremony exactly the way you envisage. We can plan a ceremony that may include the lighting of candles, the pouring of sand, or rock or seashell rituals. You may wish for children to be involved, or decide on a theme that reflects you as you are now. Together, we will craft the details and the words to make your ceremony unforgettable.


Adolescent ceremony

In this era of social networking and cyber-bullying, the pressures on teenagers are greater than ever. They are no longer children, but also not yet adults; it’s all too easy for them to feel insecure, alone and unsafe. So how can we show them our love and support? Have you ever witnessed a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah and wished you could have a similar, yet secular ceremony? There’s no reason why you can’t. I can help you create an adolescent ceremony that will make the special teenager in your life feel loved, cherished and safe. Your guests can participate in this wonderful opportunity to make them feel special. We can use symbols, such as the putting away of childish toys, or rituals to mark the teenage bedroom as their own sacred space. Your special adolescent can be involved in the preparation of this exciting ceremony—and you might be surprised at their ideas and imagination!



It is important to me that at this most challenging time in your life, I help you wade through the grief and come out the other side with the very personal story of your loved one. I will spend as long as is necessary with you, to paint an accurate picture. We will discuss music, poetry and quotes. Perhaps your loved one was a football fan and we could play the team theme song. Maybe they loved a particular poet and we could do meaningful poetry readings. The most important thing in a eulogy is that it reflects the person you have lost. This is not a one-size-fits-all ceremony. We can work together and write as many drafts as you wish to create that perfect farewell. After the funeral, I want you to say that this special person “would have loved it.”

Funeral Advocate

As a registered Civil Celebrant, I have had considerable experience conducting funeral services. In this capacity, my interaction with families and family grief has opened my eyes to an important fact. In many cases, loved ones need someone with a voice to speak on their behalf and guide them through the maze that is organising a funeral. When you are grieving, the last thing you want is to be burdened and overwhelmed with seemingly endless telephone conversations with funeral suppliers. I made the decision to put myself forward not only as a Funeral Celebrant, but as a Funeral Advocate.

So, what can I do to help, as your Funeral Advocate?

Being mindful of your budget:

  • Select the right Funeral Director—I will endeavour to provide at least two quotes
  • Type of funeral: e.g., special burial, such as green or shroud-burial; cremation
  • Hearse or other transport
  • Service location, date and time
  • Viewing if required
  • Jewellery—to remain with deceased or returned to family
  • Clothing for the deceased, if desired
  • Selecting readings and music—religious or secular
  • Eulogy/s
  • Photographic tribute
  • Flowers
  • Flowers or donation to charities
  • Pall bearers
  • Investigate catering, if required.
  • The Wake—at a home, or some other venue

If death was sudden, you may wish to refer to the will, in case of special instructions or requests.I will provide you with a checklist, so you can tick items off as you do them. Being organised helps you feel in control.

I am the person who will stand between you and potential chaos. I will make and take the calls, arrange the quotes and appointments and anything else required. You will have time to grieve, to gather friends and family around you and to write your own tribute, if that is your wish.

If you would like me to also act as your Funeral Celebrant, I can help you in this capacity as well, taking on the responsibility of arranging, writing and conducting your ceremony. However, if it is your desire to have a church service, with a Priest or Minister, I can act as your Funeral Advocate alone. As always, the choice is yours.