A very Happy New Year to all!

It has been a very busy time with wedding ceremonies all over Victoria and bookings coming in at a very fast rate for 2015.

Felix & April 2Fiona & Andrew

Cassie & Shayne






It’s been lovely!

Many couples have become engaged over Christmas.  I am even now receiving enquiries for 2016! Not so surprising, really.  Many good reception places are booked out one to two years in advance for a Saturday night, so couples decide they may as well book everything in at once!

Speaking of Saturday weddings, it is very important to book Saturday and Friday weddings early. These are the two most popular days in the year for ceremonies and I already have many Saturday bookings for the year.

But don’t limit yourself to Fridays and Saturdays.  Sometimes, you can get wonderful deals on reception places for mid-week weddings.  Or Sundays.  I myself offer 10% off mid-week weddings, as it is definitely a quieter time.  The same goes for winter weddings.  As there is not so much demand for this time of the year, many places also offer discounts during the winter season.  Again, I offer 10% off weddings from June-August inclusive.

You may be reluctant to have your wedding mid-week, for fear of inconveniencing guests. However, as most weddings are planned well in advance, and invitations usually go out at the very latest six weeks in advance, your guests have plenty of time to organise a day or two off work.  You can also try to have the ceremony early evening, to give guests time to come straight from work.  Just remember that most people wouldn’t hesitate to go to a work function mid-week, so your wedding is no different and much more fun! :)