It is not only the mothers and grandmothers that can be incorporated into the ceremony.  Don’t forget that the male side can also be included!  One example is cufflinks.  How lovely if the groom wears his or his bride’s father or grandfather’s cufflinks on the day.  Antique cufflinks are beautiful:


Or perhaps an old silk tie or handkerchief?  If you are very lucky, your grandfather may have one of these tucked away:

It doesn’t matter whether the groom is dressed in a very modern fashion – a fob watch can still be incorporated and will not look out of place.

Many people have old medals stored away.  How memorable for the groom to wear one (or more!) of those!  Or grandfather’s wedding ring.

Perhaps your grandfather was a coin collector.  Carry the coins in your pocket!  They may not be on display for all to see, but you will know you are carrying that little bit of family history with you.

Or the bride can incorporate any of her own father or grandfather’s historical items into her bouquet.  A silk hanky could be wrapped around the base of her bouquet.

Remember, as usual, to think outside the square – look at the items you have and think of how you can include them.  Then carry that little bit of family history into your very special day!