Baby and parents

After speaking with friends recently, I have a feeling that many people think that because they do not follow a set religion, or have an inter-faith marriage, they cannot, in good conscience have a Christening for their baby.  That’s where the Baby Naming Ceremony comes in.  You are not limited by a set doctrine!  You do not have to miss out on this very beautiful, moving ceremony. You can incorporate religious texts if that is your wish, or not.  You can have ‘mentors’ for your baby, or still call them Godparents – why not?  It is your choice.  You can encourage guests to join in – they can bring in gifts, letters or personal items to place in a time-capsule box to be opened on the child’s 18th birthday.  Grandparents can be more involved than usual – they can perhaps read a beautiful poem or religious text, or even a piece written themselves.  A special candle can be lit that thereafter will be lit every year on the child’s birthday.  Perhaps, instead of water, you may wish to sprinkle delicate rose petals around baby.  And of course, you can have the ceremony wherever you wish.  Maybe these ideas will inspire you!  I hope so.  Precious people in our lives should be celebrated, don’t you agree?