Petite & Sweet Wedding

Sometimes, people don’t want a complicated ceremony. Perhaps you come from another country and want to marry here and celebrate overseas, with extended family. Maybe you are coming up against family conflict or seemingly insurmountable family cultural differences. You might just want to do the ‘legals’ and go off and have a great party! Or you may simply be a private, committed couple who want to marry and celebrate quietly. Or elope! Remember, it is your choice.

If this is you, I can offer my ‘Petite & Sweet Wedding’. A Petite & Sweet Wedding includes the following:

  • My acceptance and execution of your Notice of Intended Marriage, one month prior to Wedding.
  • One meeting in my home at least one month prior to Wedding to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage.
  • A short introduction and welcome.
  • A choice of two personal vows to choose from, or your own, in addition to the legal vows.
  • A choice of songs, if you wish for music. I can provide a Bluetooth speaker for my iPhone.
  • Exchange of rings, if you wish.
  • A reading of your choice.
  • Presentation copy of your Marriage Certificate.
  • Lodgment of your legal paperwork with Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • A copy of your ceremony, as my gift to you!

This short Wedding is usually held in my home. If you wish me to travel elsewhere, there will be a small travel fee.

There must be two witnesses to the Wedding over the age of 18 years. I can arrange for two witnesses for you, if necessary.

Including the two witnesses, you may have up to six guests.

A Petite & Sweet Wedding does not include:

  • Other ceremonial elements.
  • Full personal story of couple.
  • Any further meetings in person before the Wedding Day.

Fee for a Petite & Sweet Wedding

My fee for ‘Petite and Sweet’ is $450.

Petite and Sweet Weddings – Step by Step

1.  Call or email me and make an appointment. It must be at least one month before the Wedding. To secure your booking, I require a $150 non-refundable booking fee, which goes towards the charge for the ceremony.

2.  So I may begin your legal paperwork, bring to appointment:

  • original birth certificates or original birth extracts – copies and certified copies are not allowed; OR
    a current or expired Passport (a cancelled passport not acceptable).  If birth certificate is in another language, a translation by an accredited translator will be necessary, such as the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd (NAATI): see
  • photo ID, such as driver’s licence or passport.

If you and/or your partner have been married before, I need to see:

  • divorce or death certificate, or annulment papers.

3.  I will provide you with a copy of the Service, a choice of two vows and a choice of music to take away and discuss.

4.  I require the balance of payment of the fee at least three days prior to the Wedding. This is done via direct debit. Please note that payment on the Wedding Day is not accepted.

5.  Three days before the wedding at the latest, you let me know which vow and music (if applicable) you have chosen, or if you have decided to say your own, and if you are having a reading.

6.  Arrive at my home with your witnesses and guests, up to six in total.

And that’s it!! We’ll be finished in about 20 minutes. Petite & Sweet!!