I have been very interested to read of Wedding trends for 2015.  There may be some things you haven’t thought of yet!  These are the trends for ceremonies, in a nutshell!

British Influence!

Blame it on the royals!  The ever popular Princess Kate and the popularity of Downtown Abbey is apparently influencing couples to bring the best of British to their table!  Think garden parties, afternoon tea, lace tablecloths and lots of flowers!  Mmmm I can almost taste the strawberries and cream!

Flowers and Greenery

Big, stunning blooms like old-fashioned roses, peonies and hydrangeas.  Greenery can include herbs such as rosemary (for remembrance) and mint.  Maidenhair fern.  Ivy!  They can be table runners or woven around chairs, giving a soft effect.


An invitation that has the ‘wow’ factor on delivery!  Tied with ribbons, leather twine or string for a more rustic look.  Invitations studded with interesting buttons, crystals, glitter or simple dried flowers.


Apparently Champagne towers are big again!  Get the experts for that one!  Or a choice of fruit purees for mixing with the Champagne.  Delicious!  Drink stations are still going to be big.  Wine samplings!

Tasting Stations

Still popular!  Make-your-own taco stands.  Oyster stations.  A reflection of the couples’ favourite food!

Meal Serving

Dining like the family!  Guests passing plates to one another, enabling relaxing conversation, perhaps with someone sitting two-people away, as you pass them the potatoes!


Creative, artistic cakes with lace patterns and pleats for those looking for the soft and romantic.  Or for a more contemporary look, apparently geometric patterns are the thing!  And flavouring the cake itself with your favourite flavours – Hot Chocolate or Salted Caramel for example!



Reinterpretations of old songs.  For example, an acoustic version of Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender.  Or have a theme-band!  Perhaps an eighties theme, with the band dressed like they just stepped out of a Madonna video.  Guaranteed to get people on the dance floor!


I love this one!  Hiring an artist to sketch guests who can pose for a sitting.  What a wonderful reminder of a perfect day!



What your Wedding Day should be, is a reflection of who you both are.  Think about your likes and dislikes.  Do you like formal or casual?  Elegant or rustic?  Sparkles or green?  Make it be about you!