“Every child begins the world again.”

– Henry David Thoreau

A loving and memorable way to officially welcome your precious child into the world and community. May be nonreligious or include those religious rituals that are personal for you.

Baby Naming Inclusions:

  • One meeting in person to be introduced to your baby or child.
  • The wonderful personal story of your baby or child.
  • Up to three drafts to ensure you’re totally happy with the Ceremony.
  • A Baby Naming Certificate.
  • Certificates for Godparents/Mentors.
  • I can decorate a Name-giving candle that you can light and keep as a special memento for a small extra charge.
  • You can still have Godparents, or change the title to Mentors, Life-Guardians, Supporting Adults or even Special Auntie or Special Uncle.
  • Involve family and friends with poems, readings and/or the lighting of the Name-giving candle.

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